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In this episode, we will talk about how having a positive outlook in life that radiates through your facial expression is essential to be able to go through whatever challenges life throws in your way.
Keep Smiling
Keep a grin on your face in the future, even when things are complicated, because when you keep a smile on your face, you will be able to attract chances. When you have a grim expression on your face, you are chasing away possibilities. It’s also a choice.
The law of attraction
People will come to you when you smile. It will come your way if you have something to sell or if they have a job opening for you. When you have that angry expression on your face, however, you’ll limit how much comes your way. No one owes you a yes in life. As a result, you have to put yourself in the best possible mental and emotional state to do that, and yes, you must figure out how to attract Yes.
Know that you won’t always have control
You desire to interact and communicate with people who appear to be joyful and in a good mood. How do you go about doing that? The first step is to make it a goal and pray to God for the grace to achieve it. However, you may make it a plan and declare to yourself, “You know what, today I choose to be happy, regardless.” Even if things don’t go your way, you can choose to smile and be cheerful since you don’t have complete control over how others treat you or what you receive in life.
There have been events that have occurred in your life that have been unfavorable. Events have happened in the lives of others that have been positive. And, notwithstanding, choose happiness if nothing else is possible for those folks. You’re also telling the universe and God that you’d be delighted if something like this happened to you. As a result, you’ll need to first enter into the mindset of “I shall be joyful.”
Seek Divine Guidance
Second, employ the prayer frame, also known as the prayer tip, to help you feel cheerful. Ask God for it in prayer by saying, “God, grant me the grace to do it.” Would you please give me the confidence to try this? Would you please grant me heavenly wisdom and divine joy? Whatever happens, please grant me divine serenity. When we leave our homes, we can say to ourselves, “God gave me the ability to be happy no matter what comes my way,” knowing that we can be happy no matter what comes our way. Even if you don’t have a smiley face, God will give you the courage and grace to keep a lighter mood.
Look up to positive individuals
When you’re in a mood when you’re not feeling pleased or finding it difficult to smile, make a conscious effort to observe joyful individuals. Say something like, “I’m wondering who could motivate me to feel better right now.” I’m wondering who I could look to, to be reminded of the beauty and magic of laughter and smiles, or at the very least someone with a lighthearted spirit, would be. So, under the law of attraction, you should be able to come across people, people all over the place, people in your face, people close to you, who will remind you to smile.
You can recall what you do when you genuinely want to go into the zone and feel pleased. If you’re doing that to listen to music, then listen to music or go for a run. Chemical triggers are released into your system as a result of what you focus on or think about. As a result, when you recollect anything terrible, your body releases harmful or painful hormones. When you remember good things that have happened in the past, endorphins are released into your system. You automatically smile.
The Power of Words
Pay attention to what you’re saying. So, rather than saying, “Oh, you know what, things are extremely horrible,” or “I’m in tremendous danger,” or “Oh, you know what, things are terrible.” The instant you say that you’re either putting the hurt to the wound or salt to the injury. Always employ a language of possibility – solution-oriented language rather than a language of proclamation finality, whether you’re conversing with someone or with yourself.
Consider this: When you’re in a scenario like this, ask yourself, “OK, what kind of language do I need to use in this situation to propel me or push me forward?” So, what was the terminology I was supposed to use? If you don’t have any money in your pocket, rather than stating “I’m broke” or “I don’t have any money,” say “I don’t have any money.” So, now I need to figure out how to make money quickly or urgently. That will alter your body language, resulting in a smile on your face. That’s because that’s precisely what it is in real life. You have no choice but to find a method.
Stay away from negativity
You can have a gloomy expression or be dissatisfied because of the atmosphere you’re in at times. You may be surrounded by toxic individuals and avoid poisonous connections. When you’re among them, you have to wear a suit. What you could do is go for a stroll and find a reason to do so. Walk away and make an excuse to go. Connect with those who help you put a smile on your face by finding those people who are happy. Connect with those who help you put a grin on your face. It might be meeting them in person, calling them, or having an online meeting with them.
Choose the people you interact with
when you’re collaborating with another person, You can either add only their tempo, or they can adjust to yours. Meaning, Be careful who you hang out with; they will either keep, assist, or enable you to keep a grin on your face, or they will draw you back into the unhappy zone. If you’re in that place where you know things aren’t going correctly, they’re those personalities who, whether by divine design or gifting, are virtually always joyful, and they’re happier. Keep an eye out for them. If you don’t already have such folks in your life, make them. By the way, being joyful in the first place is one of the methods to produce them. They aren’t going to come your way if you aren’t happy. So, first and foremost, make sure you’re content. After that, they’ll approach you. You will readjust on their vibe once you connect with them; you will enter into the zone of being in their space, in their energy, and their spiritual vibe. And that will make you feel better.
You can also be content by bringing joy to others. It could mean expressing thank you to someone, sending a card to someone, or sending a thank you message. It could also indicate sending a friendly letter to someone. It will return to you when you extend the intent of compassion and happiness. We always respond with a resolution. That’s how things go in life.
Key Advice:
Decide to be happy. Look for ways to make yourself joyful. Discover ways to be satisfied no matter what. Keep in mind that the universe does not always owe you a yes. It’s simply something you owe to yourself. Say yes to happiness and yes to yourself. As a result, you have a choice. You have the option to say yes. Say no to grumpiness and yes to happiness. When you say “yes” to joy, there will be numerous possibilities presented to you, and you will feel better and lighter.