“You Are About To Discover The #1 Secret To Daily Success”

I believe you are on this page because you are not 100% satisfied with your life. You believe there is something more out there you could be creating and experiencing otherwise you wouldn’t be here.

It means there is a gap. And that gap is caused by something you are not thinking about, feeling, believing and doing.

The gap you are experiencing now could be filled with a better strategy that works, a plan that generates clarity and actions that produce results because when you look around you, the people who are more successful than you are do have a better strategy, plan and execution.

But all this takes an intention, a strong will and focus to create because anything worthy takes time and energy. And it has to be done in the right way.

Once you have the plan and the strategy, you need to execute it because without action, it only remains as a wish. Success always calls for action.

To succeed in the long term means you need successful months, years and decades. To make that happen, you need consistent action.

Acting is not enough, it has to be the right actions. And if done consistently in the right manner, then, you are guaranteed of daily success, hence monthly success, thus annual success and eventually a lifetime of success.

Hi, My name is Ethan Musolini,

I was born in a humble background. I struggled with poor self esteem and confidence. Poverty bit me so hard. Then, I became an orphan. I wondered why life was unfair to me. Until one day, I discovered that it was all about me to create the life I wanted. I made a decision to make my life work.

I started dreaming. I studied. I learned. I attempted many things. Finally, I found a road map that works. First track to today, I am super confident, I am a bestselling author, an international speaker, HR consultant, coach, media personality and facilitated sessions in 25 countries. I have consulted for organizations like Coca Cola, Barclays Bank, UN Agencies, MTN among others.

I have been self employed since September 2003. Most importantly, I am happy, I am paid to do what I love doing and I am fulfilled because I do the kind of work that matters and has meaning for me. But here is the key thing discovered…

The #1 Secret to daily success which I have discovered is to do the right things consistently that will make success an automatic conclusion. That’s having success routines done daily.

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Ethan Musolini

Author, success coach, motivational speaker and HR consultant.