“10 Daily Routines Which Will Attract More Success To You”

It is what you do on a daily basis that has the greatest impact on your life overtime. Not what you do once in a while or randomly but consistently. It’s about your routines. The right routines will guarantee you a great life.

Warning – do not let the word FREE fool you because I guarantee you that the information contained in this report can change your life forever if you implement at least 30% of the routines explained to you here. My goal is that even if you were to pay $100 for this that you find at least 10X the value (meaning, the value should at least be $1,000 to you).

1.The planning routine

Planning is important because it gives you clarity of mind and what to focus on. There are many things in your life and if you don’t focus on a few, you might end up doing little or nothing. What I have found to be effective and it’s also backed by research is to plan your day the night before. Set an intention to your subconscious mind to work out the solutions or to pre-pave the day such that it’s a smooth one. Decide on the following…

What will your ideal day look like?

What’s the time apportioned to each segment?

What are the potential obstacles to your day and how will you solve them?

2.The breath routine

Breath is important because it’s at the core of life. If you stop breathing you stop living. I know you are breathing but how much depth do you have in your breathing. Consciously do the following…

Set aside at least 10 minutes to take deep breaths. Breath in through your nose and then breath out through your mouth. This will energize you. I use the Wimhoff method and you can find an instructional video here for more details (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nzCaZQqAs9I)

If you do the breathing routine consistently, your body and mind will be cleansed and energized at the same time.

3.The exercise routine

Exercise is important because it keeps you healthy. The last thing you want to do is to forget about your body, focus on your career and business to make the money only to later spend all the money through hospital bills which is never fun. Besides, endorphins are released during the exercise which creates a feel good factor in your body and mind which is critical to your wellness, enjoyment of life and creating the results you desire. This is how you can get yourself going in the direction of exercise…

Decide on the time where you have total control to be able to exercise

Determine the amount of time you will spend exercising (this could be as simple as walking because that alone is good enough to get your heart rate up and kicking up the gear)

Think about all the benefits you will experience while exercising

Start with the amount of time you can do consistently

Track the amount to time you are investing in your exercise

Ideally get a partner to work out with to keep each motivated

If you find yourself not exercising as regularly as you should, then, it could be that you are not doing the kind of exercise you like or find to be fun. Instead switch to something you like. It could be a dance fitness routine or swimming as an example.

Chose and create moments that could make your exercise regimen interesting or enjoyable. For example, if you are personal development fanatic, then, get some inspirational audios to listen to while working out. If you love music just like my beautiful wife, then, get music that pumps you up.

4.The mind routine

Feed your mind. I like how Charlie Munger put it, to sleep today with less ignorance than yesterday. Ignorance is not bliss. It’s a cost. Feed your mind with great ideas and strategies which will give you an edge in the day today running of your life, career and business. Oh, did you know that new ideas keep you looking and feeling younger than your actual biological age? That’s another benefit to keep you motivated. This is how you can set up your mind routine

Decide on the amount of time you will invest each day in reading or consuming useful information (this could be at the start of the day or at the very end)

Choose the kind of topics you want to focus on. Ideally, they should be in line with your dreams or goals.

Whatever you read/listen to/watch, reflect on the lessons learned and then how you can apply/implement them in your life

5.The gratitude routine

Gratitude is very crucial to your success because it’s the currency fo results. When you express gratitude you achieve a couple of things…

You are telling the universe, that more of this please

You get your mind to focus on the positive which enables you to achieve more positive things in your life because you get what you focus on

You feel good which sends a signal to the world to have even more good feelings.

And yet if you focus on what you are lacking in your life, then, you will experience more lack because like attracts like. And it doesn’t feel good anyway. Gratitude fuels your success further.

This is how you can engineer the spirit of gratitude in your life…

The moment you wake up out of your bed reflect on what you are grateful for in that moment. It could be your life, you spouse, children, health…and anything that puts a smile on your face

Just before you go to bed, reflect on the day just passed…what made you happy in the day? What made you feel good? What are you generally grateful for? This will generate great feelings to take with you into bed and you will wake up refreshed the following morning.


6.The journaling/reflection routine

Journaling and reflection is a good practice because it gives you perspective. Besides, as one philosopher put it, an unexamined life is not worth living. It also enables you clear your mind of chatter and never ending thoughts that will crowd your future. When you put your thoughts on paper, this frees your mind to focus on what’s most important to you. Here are a couple of questions I ask myself at the moment as I journal…use what you feel would work for you and drop what doesn’t…

I typically divide a page into two columns and then four horizontal lines to create 8 boxes with the following headlines (I usually do this in the evening before sleep)…

Concerns/worries/fears  (that I pass onto God to take care of

Physical pains/niggles (what’s the message here?)

What I did well?

What I could have done differently?

What were my wins?

What were the insights/ideas I got today?

What am I grateful for?

What are my goals for the following day?

Be creative and add something that you feel would add value to you. The key is in the practice. The benefits are priceless…from clarity, learning, growth and keeping a record of how your life is turning out to be.

7.The productivity routine

Being productive means you are achieving what you set out to do or even more. It means keeping and managing your time in an intelligent way that matters. Productivity is important because it gives you as sense of achievement which boosts your self-motivation, gives you respect amongst your peers, raises your confidence and self-esteem and gives you momentum to go after other goals and dreams of your life.

If you are not productive, you feel bad about yourself, lose out on potential promotions and yourself esteem and confidence is badly hit. Here are some thoughts on how you can be productive…

Find the time when you are most productive and engage in your most critical activities

Create a block of time to focus on one major goal for the day …for example, it could range between one hour to three hours

Tackle your most challenging tasks for the day first because your energy and will are higher at the start of the day and keep dwindling as the day goes by.

Go in an environment where you wont be distracted. I could mean going to office earlier than anybody else or waking up early in the morning before the children are up if you are  a parent.

Take a break every 60-90 minutes for 10 minutes because research shows that after that amount of time, the law of diminishing returns sets in. You are not as productive. Therefore, better to take a mini break and come back when you are refreshed and ready to put in more quality work.

8.The joy routine

Joy or happiness gives you a sense of having fun and generally enjoying life. You see, if you are not happy or having fun, life seems like a drag. And if you are not enjoying your life, then, you wont enjoy your life. But if you are having fun, you become healthier, you are more productive and people want to be around you. Besides, it will improve your outlook on life and become more positive which will create more positive experiences in your life. Here is how you can create more joy and fun in your life

Everyday, do something that adds a smile on your face. It could be playing with your children (this always works for me)

Schedule your fun time…even if it’s for 5 minutes, it makes a difference

Smile as often as possible because it will add years to your life and it’s always a good feeling anyway

Decide to be happy always…now matter what because a moment of sadness is a moment of happiness lost. Set is as one of your default settings. It’s very possible because one time I met a lady who was joyous and when I asked her the secret she simply stated that it was her decision to be happy no matter what. In fact on that same day, her house was up for foreclosure and set to lose it. Yet, she still smiled because her world, being unhappy wouldn’t make a positive difference. She was right and the same truth applies today and to you.

9. The visualization and meditation routine

How you visualize and what you visualize will influence the results you will create in your life. It’s important for you to visualize because it gives your mind what to focus on and therefore create. With meditation, there are countless studies which have revealed the countless benefits of meditation from calming of the mind to healing of the body and boosting the memory. Tim Ferris who is one of my favourite authors stated something that caught my attention. In his seminal work in the book “Tools of Titans” he mentioned that over 80% of the top performers in the world (and he has interviewed hundreds from billionaires to Olympic gold medal winners) he had interviewed all had a daily meditation practice. That should give you a clue.

Here are tips on how you can meditate

Pay attention to your breath…at the inhalation and exhalation – this alone is sufficient by itself if you do 10-20 minutes a day

Just focus on mantra that you can keep saying to yourself – for example “God”, “Love”, “Abundance” …what this does is that it gives your mind a moment of rest from the endless chatter and thus at the end of such meditation, you will feel refreshed, relaxed and energized.

Or use whatever practice that works for you. At the end of the day, what matters the most is what works for you and not what I say or anybody says.

Here are tips on how to do visualization…

Sit comfortably and relax as you take in some deep breaths

Scan different parts of your body and ‘talk’ to each part of your body to “relax” ...after a couple of minutes, you will notice that your whole body is relaxed

Visualize what you want to see manifest in your life as if it has already happened …see it, feel it, hear it, taste it and smell it…go through the different areas of your life and see them showing up in your life the way you would want them to show up

Express gratitude for what you would have visualized since it would have “manifested”. This tip alone is worth thousands of dollars to you because it turbo charges your manifestation powers


10.The service routine

All the nine tips above are about you. But that’s not enough. To live a fulfilling life, you also have to think about others and do something to brighten up their lives. When you make others happier, you become happier. When you love others, you get more love. When you make others richer, you become richer yourself. When you hoard things and goodness from others, then you hoard success from yourself. Therefore, to serve and bless others is to have served and blessed yourself.

This is how you can be of service…

Each day you wake up, ask yourself how you can be of service to others. Set it as a goal and actually do it.

Be open to do random acts of kindness because such kindness will be returned unto you.

Be open to respond to calls of help or service if time, energy and resources allow.

Most importantly, serve yourself first because you cannot give what you do not have. Take care of yourself first and you will be in a great position to take care of others.

And as you give others, more will be given unto you.


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Ethan Musolini

Author, success coach, motivational speaker and HR consultant.