Executive Communication one-2-one Coaching

‘Ethan helped me to discover my communication blind spots’

“I took effective communication skills coaching with Ethan Musolini because I knew that I needed to master how to navigate the dynamics of the different players, partners and stake holders I was dealing with…one of the things we discussed was conflict. It’s not just about the conflict but how you communicate around the conflict on how you can co-exist…how to communicate effectively in a multisector platform on how to leave the individual feeling  valued and yet having discussed the issue at hand exhaustively with dignity…I learned the skills to get different players to agree to a common vision… I thought I was already good where I was in my communication skills but when I started working with Ethan, I discovered my blind spots…sometimes you may ask yourself, ‘really, all this money to just go and talk to someone?’ Well, Ethan is a professional standing on the other side helping you to align your technical skills with how society receives them. And here, society could  be your team, policy makers, consortium members or anyone that you are working with”

Lillian NabasiryeLillian NabasiryeWASH Technical Director, Water Aid Uganda

Why Executive Communication Masterclass Coaching?

As a leader, you have to be at the top of your game because your career is a reflection of who you are. And communication is at the centre of everything you do on a daily basis.


All the best performers in the world have a coach. With executive communication coaching you will be handed the tools to create more influence on yourself and those you lead – that’s power. That’s having more control unlike some people who feel like they are not fully in charge.


As a result, you will achieve more results rather than wondering as to whether you should have accomplished more.


Personal and professional development is critical because the more you master yourself, the more you master the environment around you and that includes the team(s) you lead or part of.

What it is

It’s an 8 module coaching programme meant for corporate executives and entrepreneurs alike who are not willing to settle for anything less but the very best in communications.

Programme highlights

  • Module 1 – Meetings that get results – facilitating and participating in meetings effectively
  • Module 2 – Feedback gifting – giving and receiving challenging feedback
  • Module 3 – Conflict situation communication
  • Module 4 – Etiquette power – business and social behaviours that wow
  • Module 5 – Disagreeing like a pro to get what you want while keeping healthy relationships
  • Module 6 – Emotional intelligence for executives
  • Module 7 – Enrolling your team in your vision to believe and be fully engaged
  • Module 8 – Partnership communications – keeping, nurturing and existing partnerships and collaborating brilliantly

What you are getting and how the coaching will be conducted

  • You will have instant access to the Executive communication coaching masterclass online recordings of the 8 modules above
  • One-2-one 1-hour coaching sessions tackling each module above over an 8 week period either face to face or zoom or a mixture of both
  • Extra private telephone based one-2-one consultation on any communication related issue over the 8-week period

Investment Required For The Coaching Package

Upfront payment


Investment   - $2,997


Flex Payment


Investment   - $1,100 upfront and then two monthly payments of $1,100


Or self-study package where you will only access the recordings of the Executive communication masterclass without the one-2-one coaching


Investment - $497


Exciting results to expect

You will become more influential and persuasive in different communication settings which will lead to creating more desired outcomes/behaviours in the teams you lead and engage with.

Our 200% Money Back Guarantee

If you do not get at least double (200%) the value of your investment after the end of the course, then please ask for all of your money back.


Looking forward to a very successful partnership with you and being part of your exciting and greater future.


Wellness regards,

Ethan Musolini

Motivational Speaker, Author, HR & Communications Consultant

Other Payment Methods

Cash, Bank Transfer/ Deposit (Bank details to be provided upon request), Check,


  • Mobile money – Numbers provided upon request

About Ethan Musolini


Ethan Musolini is the CEO of Success Africa, a human resource development consultant, motivational speaker and a success coach committed to enabling organizations and individuals to maximize their potential.  A training consultant for British Council since 2004, he has successfully consulted for other organizations like Barclays Bank, World Vision, MTN, UN agencies, World Bank and Coca Cola among others.


He holds a BA (Social Sciences) from Makerere University. He represented Ugandan at the Common Wealth Youth Forum in 1997 in Edinburgh, Scotland. He worked with The International Leadership Institute as the Deputy Country Director. He has been self-employed since September 2003 as a motivational speaker, Human Resource Trainer and life/career/business coach.


He has authored transformational books like Confidence and Self Esteem Secrets Exposed, Get Motivated in 30 Seconds or Less, Wisdom and Success Quotes (co-authored) and Public Speaking Secrets Exposed. A pioneer of the Motivational speaking industry in Uganda, He has produced 41 video based training programmes with emphasis on soft skills’ areas like exceptional performance, business and social etiquette among others. Ethan has developed, facilitated and delivered trainings in 25 countries for corporate and non-governmental sectors in the areas of leadership, communication, sales, personal development, stress management, public speaking, work life balance, customer service, confidence and self-esteem.


Since 2008, he has been writing a weekly column in Monitor Newspaper titled Succeeding whose sole purpose is to expose the potential within all of us and how to unleash it for greatness. He appears on NTV (Uganda) every week day with his inspirational programme – 3 minute power pump. He is a mentor and coach on the Africa Entrepreneurship Award. He is a Paul Harris Fellow Rotarian and vice team leader for Rotary Vijana Poa in district 9211 (Uganda and Tanzania) whose vision is to have “every youth working” by equipping them with employability and entrepreneurship skills. Ethan loves travelling, playing with his family, reading, celebrating the gift of life and having a good laugh.

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