“Finally! New Tested Breakthrough Public Speaking System To Skyrocket Your Improvement By 50% Or More in 5 Weeks Or Less Even If You Fear Speaking In Public – Guaranteed…Because Those Are The Kinds Of Results All My Coaching Clients Have Consistently Enjoyed Since 2003”

“I have learn't many lessons from Ethan when it comes to public speaking but the biggest takeaway for me was…what do you want the audience to take away? What do you want them to feel? How do you want them to act? I also learned about being deliberate with my body language, conviction, understanding, and connecting with the audience…I would definitely recommend Ethan for public speaking. He has seen me walk from point A to point X because he asks me the relevant questions…he is very intentional as well, he relates with his clients…if your work or career involves speaking to more than one person, then, clearly, you need to learn public speaking

Pamela NatambaPamela NatambaPartner PWC, Uganda

Are you sometimes nervous before speaking to a crowd or group of people?


Do you ever second guess yourself as to how you should structure your speech?


Do you wish you had a proven way to speak and capture people’s attention?


Do you ever wonder what it takes to convince people to your way of thinking and TAKE ACTION on your ideas?


Do you sometimes wish you had a way to share your personal stories in a way that is engaging and impactful?


If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then, you are reading the right content right now, besides, there is a reason for everything. That when the student is READY, the teacher appears.


You see, I am lucky in that when I was around the age of 10, my dad told me that “Wherever you go, SPEAK UP” and like an obedient son that I was, I took that to heart and my life has never been the same again. Public speaking is priceless because it has opened the doors for me to a point of having delivered talks or facilitated sessions in 25 countries to date while making a living out of the same.


Great public speakers command more influence, sales, attention, and promotions because of visibility and personal branding.


Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) Corporate Recruiters survey 2014 found that among the top skills recruiters look for, “oral communication” was number one and “presentation skills” number four; traditional management skills such as “managing administrative activities” came down at the bottom. Yet a 2014 online survey of 2,031 US workers found that 12% would willingly step aside to let someone else give a presentation, even if it lost them respect at work. Of those who did present, nearly 70% agreed it was critical to their success at work.


If you are poor at public speaking, then, you are limiting your career, life and business success because as you hold yourself back from sticking your neck out because of fear or worry, then, you are also holding backing opportunities that could otherwise have come your way.


According to Theo Tsaousides, Ph.D, a neuropsychologist, and assistant professor, fear of public speaking can prevent you from taking risks to share your ideas, to speak about your work, and to present your solutions to problems that affect many people — and as a result, it can affect how much you grow personally and professionally, and how much impact you can have.


If you are in such a situation, I bet you wish things could be different.


I bet you wish things could change.


But your situation won’t change unless you change.


Whereas you could effect the change by yourself, you will naturally realise that to shorten your learning curve or change curve, then, you need someone who has been there and done that. I am such a person.


I have been delivering talks professionally as a motivational speaker and coach full time since September 2003. And because of that, I know the tactics and strategies that work. IMAGINE yourself compressing what took me decades to master being passed onto you to learn in a matter of weeks as I transplant what is in my head into yours. That should be EXCITING, isn’t it?


Because you see, there is more to life than just toiling away through trial and error when you can instead jump to the front of the line with your new found skills and start delivering mouth-watering speeches and presentations.


If you really FEEL that “this is my time” or even feeling an inner voice telling you that “THIS IS YOUR MOMENT to turn things around and speak powerfully and persuasively”, then, it’s time to ACT because the earlier the better.


Sometime back, I ran a public speaking masterclass and…


As you enroll in the coaching program, you will have immediate online access to the recordings of the Public Speaking Masterclass and below is the module-by-module description breakdown and the secrets I shared…

Module 1 – Preparing and crafting a winning speech

  • The ultimate 3-part recipe test to know whether your speech was effective or not
  • The two typical speeches and how to prepare for them
  • The scientific 5-part structure of any winning speech
  • The magical tools to consider when preparing for a speech to enhance it to blockbuster levels

Module 2 – Mastering nerves and fear while delivering a presentation

  • The 6 common sources of nervousness and fear
  • 5 public speaking anxiety symptoms to immediately know how much help you need
  • The 6 physical solutions you can engage before your next speech to master your nerves
  • 7 ways to overcome the fear of public speaking
  • 4 practical ways to manage nerves in case they sneak through during an actual presentation
  • The #1 thing you should focus on to magically make the nerves disappear

Module 3 – How to captivate an audience such that they hang onto every word you say

  • Discover the 5 things that really turn off an audience
  • The P.E.G.W.A formula that is guaranteed to hand any audience’s attention into your hands
  • The 5 sure ways that make captivating the audience super easy
  • 4 core principles that will offer you a solid basis to grab the audience’s attention
  • The 4 cautions you must be aware of or you may spoil all the hard work

Module 4 – Arousing people to action and to your way of thinking

  • Why you should call your listeners to action
  • The dangers you face when there is no proper call to action
  • The 4 building blocks towards a great call to action
  • 4 core principles that will offer you a solid basis to grab the audience’s attention
  • 5 things that hinder driving people to an action that most speakers are not aware of
  • 3 ways to create positive excitement in your listeners. When people are excited, influencing them towards action is very easy
  • How to tap into the two most powerful forces of influence to get people to your way of thinking or desired action
  • Guiding principles when planning out your map to influence listeners towards action
  • The 4-part framework when you are in a team or office setting

Module 5 – How to become credible before and during your speech

  • Module 5 – How to become credible before and during your speech
  • Why you should pay attention to accessing credibility
  • The W.E.R.P model to build your credibility even before you open your mouth
  • The C.C.C.S non-physical attributes model to building credibility during the actual presentation
  • The B.E.D physical attributes model to enhance your credibility while delivering your speech

Module 6 – How to become more likable before and during your speech

  • Why likeability is crucial to the success of your speeches
  • The P.E.F framework to enhance your likeability before you step on stage
  • The L.I.K.E.A.B.L.E model that automatically boosts your likeability factor

Module 7 – How to respond to questions like a pro

  • Sharpening your axe in preparation for potential questions
  • Why and how to set ground rules for question time that works effectively and in your favour
  • The A.C.E.P model for responding to questions like a pro
  • 3 secrets to regaining your composure if you are asked a tough question that throws you off balance
  • L.B.C.M.D framework revealed on how to manage the tricky situations when you do not understand a question
  • 4 keys to mastering your emotions during Q&A
  • Discover the 6 winning mindsets that work during question time

Module 8 – How to improve the quality of your voice

  • The A.V.B formula for improving your voice quality before the speech
  • The A.T.E.P.O.S model to boost the quality of your voice during your presentation
  • 5 keys that will increase your voice quality. They are simple to implement and yet most people either are ignorant

Module 9 – Crafting a personal story to communicate your personal brand

  • 4 reasons why personal storytelling is very influential
  • The R.A.T.E.I.T score framework to determine what kind of personal story will be a winner
  • Discover the 8 steps to telling a powerful and transformational story
  • The 6 specific ingredients you need to deliver an amazing story

Module 10 – Brand/product/service story that sells 

  • Why it’s important to have a story behind your brand/product/service
  • 5 outstanding storytelling templates you can use immediately to sell your next product or service or even an idea
  • COACHING - The procedure and the package

I will send you a questionnaire to get a deeper understanding of where you are and where you want to be.

  • Have one personal strategic planning session to find out what's holding you back and come up with a plan on how to get to your ultimate vision
  • Set specific goals to be achieved in areas of public speaking/presentation skills
  • We meet at a time that is most appropriate for both of us at my office in the city Centre – Impala House 6th Floor Annex Rm 20-21 or over ZOOM (Just the two of us). The sessions run for 1 hour.
  • Do drills of short speeches and presentations which are typical of your day today engagement. These are recorded on video camera or pre-recorded by you and files sent to me
  • Replay of recordings to analyze what's great and what needs to be improved
  • Set goals for the following week (especially where public speaking/presentations is involved)
  • At the end of each session, we set goals for the coming week that are relevant to your specific public speaking/presentation needs
  • At the beginning of the following session, we review the previous week, celebrate successes, address challenges and develop new strategies for the coming week(s).
  • We will use the first 20-30 minutes to clarify what your goals are such that I use my over two decades (I started speaking actively while in my fifth year in high school - 1994) of speaking experience to hone in your goals with a laser like focus to guarantee your success.
  • The first session will take 1.5 hours. The subsequent sessions will run for an hour.
  • We will spread out the coaching sessions on a weekly basis to allow you time to practice the lessons in the real field. A total of four sessions with a goal to hit the 50% or more improvement, if not, it will be stretched out to five weeks.

What makes this different? Here is my unique promise that you won’t find anywhere…

You’ll slash your learning curve by at least 10 years and improve your public speaking effectiveness by 50% or more in 5 weeks or less – guaranteed or your get all your money back. No one offers that kind of promise in the market.


How do we measure that improvement?


You will deliver a talk before I start coaching you, video record it, replay it for review and we will use that as a baseline. Then, we will be quantifying your subsequent presentations to gauge improvement.

Who Am I And Why Should You Believe Me?

I won a public speaking contest at my university in 1999. I have been a full-time motivational speaker trainer/facilitator and HR Consultant since 2003. What that means to you is that I won’t be just teaching you a bunch of tips I copied from books and online forums but rather teaching from personal experiences. I will share what has worked for me and what hasn’t.


What most people also don’t understand is that our industry of training and motivational speaking is very ruthless. Why? Because you just have one chance to be accepted and get referrals. If you don’t deliver the first time, you are kicked out, no referrals and therefore no business.


The fact that I am still in the game since September 2003 is testament to my abilities. But you see, you could be great speaker but not an amazing teacher. I bet you have seen great sportsmen and women who don’t necessarily make great coaches. Luckily for me, I also have a gift of teaching and coaching. Somehow, I know how to simplify the complex into the digestible and understandable for anyone to utilise what is at stake.


Oh, and as of this writing, I have spoken or facilitated sessions in 25 different countries. Take advantage of my speaking experience.


I am author of Public speaking secrets exposed which you can find on Amazon. It has transformed more lives than I can count. I also produced an in-depth DVD program on the same subject besides my latest Public Speaking Masterclass.

“I really gained from the public speaking skills training by Ethan Musolini that made me a very effective communicator till now. The eloquence in speech without nervousness and being organised in delivery of my speeches were very ideal. …The public speaking skills have greatly enhanced my lobbying and advocacy skills. How can you lobby if you cannot talk with confidence?”

Juliet Luutu BarasaJuliet Luutu BarasaProject manager, Girls Advocacy Alliance. Plan International Uganda

Your Investment?

Before we move into the investment required, let’s look at what it costs you not to master public speaking. What has it costed you to spend the whole night preparing for the presentation only for the delivery to fall flat on its face and make no impact?


What has it costed you by forgetting to stress critical points in your speech because of fear or nervousness?


Now, here is the good news. Someone I coached in these skills went on to get a promotion to a juicy job worth an extra tens of thousands of dollars per year.


An entrepreneur has closed deals worth tens of thousands of dollars because of his capacity to speak in public.

I coached a first-time aspiring member of parliament and he won the elections. His pay is very handsome and his influence to masses is guaranteed. If we are to quantify his income and influence in dollars it’s a minimum of hundreds of thousands of dollars over the five years he will be in parliament.


It has costed me a minimum of $60,000 (220,080,000 UGX) to learn and master these skills since 1994 when I started venturing out on the public speaking circuit.

Truth is, you can discover all these techniques by yourself if you are willing to invest more than 20 years of research, spend tens of thousands of dollars, practice, trial and error. But what is 20+ years’ worth to you?


Now, as you can see, an improvement of 50% or more and saving you over 20 years of trial and error is immense. Am sure even $20,000 would be worth it. But I won’t charge you that.


Not even $10,000

Not even $5,000

Not even $3,000

Just $2,497


Save 20% if you pay within the next 24 hours. Save 10% if you make a deposit within 24 hours.


The competition offers the same sort of package at $4,000 to $10,000 and I know I won’t keep this price for long.

As a side note, every year, I typically raise my coaching fees. So, if you delay, you will lose out on the best deal possible

100% Money Back Guarantee

Give this rare coaching opportunity to supercharge your public speaking skills. If you don’t see a minimum improvement of 50% and get more compliments from your audience, then call me and I will give you a no-hassle 100% money back guarantee.


You have up to two years to ask for a refund. Why offer such an outrageous guarantee? Because I want to take all the risk and I also believe in this program so much that am willing to take a bet on it.


  • Got a talk or presentation coming up? We will look at your content together and give you pin pointed feedback. Record your talk for review ($1,497 Value)
  • Got an emergency talk coming up on the last minute and you don’t know how to approach it? During our coaching time, I will give you my private line and you can call me for an instant consult to squeeze out of me on-the-go-strategies that are proven to work. One of my gifts is trouble shooting. So, if you are ever in speaking trouble, you know what to do.  ($1,497 Value)
  • Truth is, am offering you bonuses to make it a no brainer for you such that you can enrol right away.

I strongly believe that public speaking is one of the top three abilities one must acquire to survive and thrive anywhere. The other two are selling skills and leadership.


You have everything to win


Either way you will win because if you don’t like my coaching, you will keep all the audio visual educational materials I am giving you, the skills you would have learned and you still get all your money back.

The reason am making such an amazing promise is because I absolutely trust that you will be delighted beyond measure and your public speaking skills will skyrocket like never before.


Here is a summary of what you are getting


5 weeks of one-2-one coaching                                        -   $6,500

10 modules of Public speaking masterclass online     -   $2,497

Talk/speech presentation reviews for 5 weeks              -   $1,497

Emergency telephone-based consultations                 -   $1,497


Total Value                                                                     -   $11,991


Your Investment                                                               $2,497


Quick delivery


Upon your placing an order, I will quickly send you access details for Public speaking masterclass. This will enable you to start using the material instantly to dramatically impact your speeches right away.


P.S Remember, when you order right now, you will take advantage of the amazing bonuses worth $2,994 and you will see yourself boosting your public speaking effectiveness by 50% or more in 5 weeks or less guaranteed or you get all your money back.


Imagine all the influence, impact and income you will enjoy as a result of your new found super powers of public speaking.


P.S.S If you prefer a self-study option…to just access the online masterclass, then, you will just need an investment of $497 (1,814,050 UGX)


Coaching over a 5-week period, including 10 module online masterclass - $2,497


Self-study (access to the 10 module online masterclass only) - $497

“If you think I am confident, tend to speak my mind and make you feel comfortable, it’s because I learned everything from Ethan Musolini. I remember it was many years ago, I knew how to sing on stage and be a rock star but when it came to speaking about issues that were close to my heart or to sell an idea, it was the hardest thing until when I ended up in workshop which was led by Ethan…Even though it was a short time, I still use all the tips Ethan gave me when I am speaking in public. Not that I can’t speak but because public speaking is not just about the confidence to speak but to actually air out an idea and make it clear in another person’s mind…I am grateful” Maurice Kirya, Singer, Actor

Looking forward to a very successful partnership with you and being part of your exciting and greater future.


Wellness regards,

Ethan Musolini

Motivational Speaker, Author, HR & Communications Consultant

Other Payment Methods

Cash, Bank Transfer/ Deposit (Bank details to be provided upon request), Check,


  • Mobile money – Numbers provided upon request

About Ethan Musolini


Ethan Musolini is the CEO of Success Africa, a human resource development consultant, motivational speaker and a success coach committed to enabling organizations and individuals to maximize their potential.  A training consultant for British Council since 2004, he has successfully consulted for other organizations like Barclays Bank, World Vision, MTN, UN agencies, World Bank and Coca Cola among others.


He holds a BA (Social Sciences) from Makerere University. He represented Ugandan at the Common Wealth Youth Forum in 1997 in Edinburgh, Scotland. He worked with The International Leadership Institute as the Deputy Country Director. He has been self-employed since September 2003 as a motivational speaker, Human Resource Trainer and life/career/business coach.


He has authored transformational books like Confidence and Self Esteem Secrets Exposed, Get Motivated in 30 Seconds or Less, Wisdom and Success Quotes (co-authored) and Public Speaking Secrets Exposed. A pioneer of the Motivational speaking industry in Uganda, He has produced 41 video based training programmes with emphasis on soft skills’ areas like exceptional performance, business and social etiquette among others. Ethan has developed, facilitated and delivered trainings in 25 countries for corporate and non-governmental sectors in the areas of leadership, communication, sales, personal development, stress management, public speaking, work life balance, customer service, confidence and self-esteem.


Since 2008, he has been writing a weekly column in Monitor Newspaper titled Succeeding whose sole purpose is to expose the potential within all of us and how to unleash it for greatness. He appears on NTV (Uganda) every week day with his inspirational programme – 3 minute power pump. He is a mentor and coach on the Africa Entrepreneurship Award. He is a Paul Harris Fellow Rotarian and vice team leader for Rotary Vijana Poa in district 9211 (Uganda and Tanzania) whose vision is to have “every youth working” by equipping them with employability and entrepreneurship skills. Ethan loves travelling, playing with his family, reading, celebrating the gift of life and having a good laugh.

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