About SucceedingDaily.com

Succeeding daily is born out of the idea that rather than thinking about success in future after years and decades of hard work and focus, instead, the simpler version is to think success in smaller bites done consistently…

You just focus on success one day at a time.

In essence, what would success look like for me today?

What do I need to do by the end of the day to qualify today as being a success?

Then, as you set an intention to make each day a success and actually achieve that

And in total have a series of successful days, then, you will have a successful week.

A series of successful weeks will lead to a successful year

A series of successful years will lead to a successful decade

A series of successful decades will lead to a successful life.


Why should you bother to check out SucceedingDaily.com?

This is a labour of love for people who are yearning for proven strategies and tactics that work in the real world. For people who know that to succeed in life, in career and business, you have to take charge of your life.

You have to yearn for more

Learn more

Be more

Do more

And achieve more in the process.


But it takes deliberate effort

Deliberate focus

Deliberate consistency to finally see the results you desire.

And usually, it takes more than a personal will

You need extra support

From someone who believes in you

From someone who has no historical bias of your shortcomings but rather…

Sees you in terms of what you are capable of

What you could be

Holding the picture of the best possible version of you

And that’s my promise to you

That’s what Succeeding Daily is all about. To…


Think the best thoughts humanly possible

Enable you make best choices possible

Take the best actions humanly possible

For the best version of you to emerge

And humanity to benefit from you in the process as the world rewards you in return.


Bring your burdens to us and you will return home with blessings. The dream and space we hold for you is that….

You move from procrastination to action

You transform your trials into triumphs

You move from fear to power

You shift from confusion to clarity

You move from stagnation to momentum

You move from hopelessness to faith

You move from hope to faith

You drift away from nay sayers to a community that believes and supports you.



About the founder of SuceedingDaily.com

Hi, I am Ethan Musolini, a motivational speaker, author, human resource trainer/consultant and transformational coach. Where as today I am seemingly successful and happy, it wasn’t always like this. In fact, it’s been a journey of decades of challenges, trials and tribulations before the seeming triumphs from the outside.

I grew up in a very poor background. My dad had only two years of formal education. He was a small scale tailor and as such we lived from hand to mouth because were 12 children in total and yet the actual income could barely keep us going.

I grew up with low confidence and self-esteem.

I always felt like a second-class citizen

I was told my head was ugly – that it looked like a grinding stone

MY first attempt at the age of 15 to get a girl friend ended up in tatters and my heart was crushed to a point of not dating until my late 20s

I wondered why we were poor

I wondered why we had one meal a day on average

I lost my mum when I was 9

I lost my dad when I was 17.


And yet amidst all this, something happened in 1998 when I was 21 years old (My age secret has been blown out of water, lol) that would change the trajectory of life forever.

There was a gentleman who was preaching that day in church and he was talking about never giving up. In my spirit in that moment, I felt I had found my calling “to inspire humanity to know that tomorrow can be better”. Gerald, who was preaching that day became my first mentor after my asking

He said YES.

He later gave me the first book in my mentorship journey titled “Think Big” by Ben Carson…that was way back in 1998. That’s the first time I cut my teeth into the world of personal development. I then started to be keen on the ideas and impact of concepts like having a vision, confidence and self-esteem, goal setting, communication skills, interpersonal skills among others.

Over the years, I have invested in reading, DVDs and CDs, coaches and seminars with a burning desire to transform my life and then later use the same skills and experiences to transform others in the process. Fast forward to today, this is a glimpse of what has happened in my life…

I am now super confident…from shy child/teenager who couldn’t date until late twenties to being comfortable enough in my skin where I can talk to anyone anywhere anytime in a relaxed state.

I am an author

I have been two 25 countries and still counting as a motivational speaker, facilitator and trainer.

I have consulted for organizations from Coca Cola, UN agencies , British Council, Barclays bank and World Vision among others.

I am regular media personality in print, TV and radio

Tens of thousands follow me on my social media channels

I have been self-employed since September 2003

Most importantly I love what I do

And my ultimate desire is to share what I have learned over the years to enable you accelerate the journey of becoming the best version of you here.

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Ethan Musolini

Author, success coach, motivational speaker and HR consultant.