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Is your life at its best?


You feel there is more out there you could be thinking about, feeling, doing and achieving?

If you resonate more to the second question than the first, then, read on because there is something extremely important, I would like to share with you that will have a bearing on the kind of results you will create in your life.

The insight is embedded in an interaction I had some time back from my coach…

One time we were on a call and he (my coach) stated how most people imagine things while for him he focuses on actually creating. In essence, he is about pragmatism. He is about producing results and not talking about them.

As you let that thought sink in, you will realize that if you are to move forward in your life, then, creation has to be at the core of your being and not just imagination and visualization of things.

To do that, you need someone who can push you along the journey because there are so many competing demands in your life. Besides, because you are the subject, it's easy to get lost in the emotions and your forget to look at your life objectively. And that’s one of the reasons I have a coach in my life that I engage with once a week.

Whereas I have been coaching people since 2003, I know that extra support in form of coaching is valuable. Hey, I am human.

Not only that, I am also part of 2 weekly online group coaching programs where I receive tremendous value because of the constant wisdom and strategies I receive.

But I have to mention some bad news first…and that is, no one is responsible for the success in your life. However great a coach is, if you don’t put in the work, your life wont work. The good news is that with the right guidance from the right person and you doing your part of implementing the great strategies and tactics done consistently and over a long spell of time will lead to incredible success in your life and any chosen career or business.


Truth is, sometimes, life feels like a struggle. Then failure kicks in.

If you feel like you are tired of failure and struggle and instead want to figure a way to turn your life around to experience more success, then, this is for you. Before you check out the next page, I need to alert you that the story alone you are about to read will inspire you.

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Ethan Musolini

Author, success coach, motivational speaker and HR consultant.

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