Successful Oral Interview coaching

What it is


High impact strategies, techniques, and tips on how to at least double your chances for success in an oral interview setting.



You have one chance to impress. If you miss the moment, you may never get it again. The last thing you want to see happen is to leave an interview room kicking yourself saying “I blew it”. Instead, you deserve to say “I nailed it”. And I can help you do exactly that.


Interviews are about selling yourself. Packaging what you have inside you and the track record you have in an appealing way is critical. You need a mirror that will tell you the truth. A mock environment that will show you what you are doing well and what you need to do differently to dramatically boost your chances for success.

Why Ethan?


For the last 11 people Ethan has coached to go for oral interviews, 9 of them got their dream jobs. In fact one of the two that didn’t make it still went ahead and recommended Ethan to a friend. Why? Because even though she didn’t succeed, in her own words, she said “Even though I didn’t make it, I could tell that my performance was much better”. Besides that, Ethan has sat on interview panels, consulted and met heads of organisations both local and international…and as a human capital consultant, he is privy to what human resource managers, CEOs and Country Managers/Representatives are looking for in an employee. Since September 2003, Ethan has been self-employed as such has to ‘sell’ himself to people every day. In essence, he knows what selling oneself calls for.


In fact, below is a testimonial I received through email from someone who had failed five UN interviews consecutively. All changed when we met. For privacy purposes, I have blurred her personal details…

How it is delivered


Analyse the job advert to understand the description to enable you package yourself in a way that matches the expectation

Meet face to face or over ZOOM for two to three mock interviews. Each interview takes about an hour.

How it is delivered


Analyze the job advert to understand the description to enable you package yourself in a way that matches the expectation

Meet face to face or over ZOOM for two to three mock interviews. Each interview takes about an hour.


Where is it delivered?


Ethan’s office at Impala House, Kimathi Avenue, 6th floor Rm 21, Kampala, Uganda. Or over zoom for social distance purposes or if you are not in position to make it to Kampala.



Digital version of the video programme – How to pass a job interview ($97 value)



Silver – Two interview coaching sessions – $697


Gold – Three interview coaching sessions – $997


Platinum - Three interview coaching sessions plus Four Public Speaking Coaching Sessions Recorded and Reviewed on Video Camera (to boost your overall effectiveness as a communicator by at least 50%) - $2,997


In addition to the public speaking coaching sessions, you will also have access to the 10 modules recordings of the Public speaking masterclass

Public speaking masterclass module by module description breakdown

Module 1 – Preparing and crafting a winning speech

  • The ultimate 3-part recipe test to know whether your speech was effective or not
  • The two typical speeches and how to prepare for them
  • The scientific 5-part structure of any winning speech
  • The magical tools to consider when preparing for a speech to enhance it to blockbuster levels

Module 2 – Mastering nerves and fear while delivering a presentation

  • The 6 common sources of nervousness and fear
  • 5 public speaking anxiety symptoms to immediately know how much help you need
  • The 6 physical solutions you can engage before your next speech to master your nerves
  • 7 ways to overcome the fear of public speaking
  • 4 practical ways to manage nerves in case they sneak through during an actual presentation
  • The #1 thing you should focus on to magically make the nerves disappear

Module 3 – How to captivate an audience such that they hang onto every word you say

  • Discover the 5 things that really turn off an audience
  • The P.E.G.W.A formula that is guaranteed to hand any audience’s attention into your hands
  • The 5 sure ways that make captivating the audience super easy
  • 4 core principles that will offer you a solid basis to grab the audience’s attention
  • The 4 cautions you must be aware of or you may spoil all the hard work

Module 4 – Arousing people to action and to your way of thinking

  • Why you should call your listeners to action
  • The dangers you face when there is no proper call to action
  • The 4 building blocks towards a great call to action
  • 4 core principles that will offer you a solid basis to grab the audience’s attention
  • 5 things that hinder driving people to an action that most speakers are not aware of
  • 3 ways to create positive excitement in your listeners. When people are excited, influencing them towards action is very easy
  • How to tap into the two most powerful forces of influence to get people to your way of thinking or desired action
  • Guiding principles when planning out your map to influence listeners towards action
  • The 4-part framework when you are in a team or office setting

Module 5 – How to become credible before and during your speech

  • Module 5 – How to become credible before and during your speech
  • Why you should pay attention to accessing credibility
  • The W.E.R.P model to build your credibility even before you open your mouth
  • The C.C.C.S non-physical attributes model to building credibility during the actual presentation
  • The B.E.D physical attributes model to enhance your credibility while delivering your speech

Module 6 – How to become more likable before and during your speech

  • Why likeability is crucial to the success of your speeches
  • The P.E.F framework to enhance your likeability before you step on stage
  • The L.I.K.E.A.B.L.E model that automatically boosts your likeability factor

Module 7 – How to respond to questions like a pro

  • Sharpening your axe in preparation for potential questions
  • Why and how to set ground rules for question time that works effectively and in your favour
  • The A.C.E.P model for responding to questions like a pro
  • 3 secrets to regaining your composure if you are asked a tough question that throws you off balance
  • L.B.C.M.D framework revealed on how to manage the tricky situations when you do not understand a question
  • 4 keys to mastering your emotions during Q&A
  • Discover the 6 winning mindsets that work during question time

Module 8 – How to improve the quality of your voice

  • The A.V.B formula for improving your voice quality before the speech
  • The A.T.E.P.O.S model to boost the quality of your voice during your presentation
  • 5 keys that will increase your voice quality. They are simple to implement and yet most people either are ignorant

Module 9 – Crafting a personal story to communicate your personal brand

  • 4 reasons why personal storytelling is very influential
  • The R.A.T.E.I.T score framework to determine what kind of personal story will be a winner
  • Discover the 8 steps to telling a powerful and transformational story
  • The 6 specific ingredients you need to deliver an amazing story

Module 10 – Brand/product/service story that sells 

  • Why it’s important to have a story behind your brand/product/service
  • 5 outstanding storytelling templates you can use immediately to sell your next product or service or even an idea



If by the end of the second interview you are not convinced that what you would have learned won’t double your chances for success before an interview panel, then, you will get all your money back.

Warmest regards,


Ethan Musolini

Motivational Speaker, Author, HR & Communications Consultant

Other Payment Methods

Cash, Bank Transfer/ Deposit (Bank details to be provided upon request), Check,


  • Mobile money – Numbers provided upon request

About Ethan Musolini


Ethan Musolini is the CEO of Success Africa, a human resource development consultant, motivational speaker and a success coach committed to enabling organizations and individuals to maximize their potential.  A training consultant for British Council since 2004, he has successfully consulted for other organizations like Barclays Bank, World Vision, MTN, UN agencies, World Bank and Coca Cola among others.


He holds a BA (Social Sciences) from Makerere University. He represented Ugandan at the Common Wealth Youth Forum in 1997 in Edinburgh, Scotland. He worked with The International Leadership Institute as the Deputy Country Director. He has been self-employed since September 2003 as a motivational speaker, Human Resource Trainer and life/career/business coach.


He has authored transformational books like Confidence and Self Esteem Secrets Exposed, Get Motivated in 30 Seconds or Less, Wisdom and Success Quotes (co-authored) and Public Speaking Secrets Exposed. A pioneer of the Motivational speaking industry in Uganda, He has produced 41 video based training programmes with emphasis on soft skills’ areas like exceptional performance, business and social etiquette among others. Ethan has developed, facilitated and delivered trainings in 25 countries for corporate and non-governmental sectors in the areas of leadership, communication, sales, personal development, stress management, public speaking, work life balance, customer service, confidence and self-esteem.


Since 2008, he has been writing a weekly column in Monitor Newspaper titled Succeeding whose sole purpose is to expose the potential within all of us and how to unleash it for greatness. He appears on NTV (Uganda) every week day with his inspirational programme – 3 minute power pump. He is a mentor and coach on the Africa Entrepreneurship Award. He is a Paul Harris Fellow Rotarian and vice team leader for Rotary Vijana Poa in district 9211 (Uganda and Tanzania) whose vision is to have “every youth working” by equipping them with employability and entrepreneurship skills. Ethan loves travelling, playing with his family, reading, celebrating the gift of life and having a good laugh.

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