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A number of times we set goals and plans to do something, or even better try to work it out but seldom do we witness success achieved by day. This of course discourages us to stop even trying or decide to remain at the level reached if not giving up, and start on other things, at times the cycle continues. If you are facing such a challenge, I understand but worry no more because today you are going to learn why this has been happening to you over and over. Its time to fight what has been holding you back making your life unsuccessful.

Below are some of the core causes of failure or what has been holding you back from achieving set goals and plans for your life to be successful.

Negative Self Mental Conditioning

There are a couple of things that could hold us back. Some times the chains that prevent us from being free are more mental than physical. An example, the way an animal is tamed. When its still very young and weak, they will tie it on a tree. When it attempts to move, its failed. So it registers in its head that, “I can not move once the rope can’t move.” It is conditioned. Even when it grows and its strong enough, it can not move. You have ever seen elephants in circus unto a stick in India. That’s how they condition them. When the elephant is so strong to break trees., It can not because it’s been conditioned. So what are some of those conditionings we have had?. Possibly its been that moment where you could not go beyond 50 million a year. Wondering that whatever you do, you only end up to 50 million. Forgetting that one of your colleagues is earning 10 times than that. So what’s the challenge? Because you attempted one year and got 50 million, the second year, 50 million, and you were like, “I think for me my level is 50 million,”- Mental. You even keep prophesying it and then the prophesy becomes stronger. I want you to reflect on what are some of those mental beliefs within you that are holding you back? Because usually, the core cause is mental.

Failure to see the big picture

The ‘I want it and I want it now mentality.’ You are a small enterprise businessman in a market place and you want your bank account to explode in two days. Things don’t happen simply like that in most cases, though some people are lucky and it happens. However, that depends on what you are doing. You compare your 12 months commissions with a workmate’s, and you judgmentally think of how life is unfair. Falsely thinking of how she could be corrupt. Forgetting you impatiently want to do or get what she has done for 12 years in 12 months. You won’t own the type of car she drives in two years. Unfortunately, you don’t. The struggles this fellow has gone through are a lot. You have to consider the fact that she has been on the streets for 12 years.

The higher you go in this case, the hotter it becomes. At times such people you admire hardly sleep some days due to pressure of company directors on him so to deliver since they put in keen money. So he has to first cease the pressure so that it doesn’t hit him so hard and he ends up disappointing his bosses.

So you have to have a big picture worth to be accomplished hence you have to saw enough before you reap so much. You have to remember the mentality of the farmer. The farmer does not plant seeds today and then appears the following day and say, “please give me food now.” The farmer has to pay attention, be patient and water the seeds and of course work on weeding the gardens. So in the end result you will harvest.

But the challenge is there are people who can’t apply the appropriate method. Remember its impossible to ask for food from the garden to saw later. Similarly, you can’t ask for salary prior doing your due diligence. So you have to produce more to earn more rather than to be paid more and work more. Some of us want bonuses. You want a better work environment with extras. For you to have extras, you have to put money on the table first or surpass the goals. So that when your report is reviewed, your results are worth the desired reward. You have to deliver first.


When you think you have delivered, even deliver more. Because that’s when complacency comes in. So you have to be very careful. When you feel you have delivered, that’s the most dangerous moment. When you think you have reached the maximum. When you are not performing, you are not going to be complacent because people are putting you on pressure. Out of experience sometime back when I had just published four books, thinking that was impressive enough. All I thought about next was influence people to buy my books. To my surprise, a fellow came and told me he had all my books and shocked me with the wisdom I learnt from him, questioning me whether I had anything new. He was like, “anything new?” To be honest, I hesitantly stammered with no genuine answer. And I had to apologize for not delivering to my client as expected of me. Fortunately, that’s when I woke up. So every time you feel like you have reached on top, the world will always ask you, do you have anything new? Do you feel like you have brought in a targeted number of clients, but are there any news? Because clients will always be there. I now have more than 17 products after being challenged. I boosted it from 4 to 17 in less than 3 years. And now my target is that by the end of the year I have 30.

Resistance to change

Sometimes you have to copy up with inevitable change. You could be having new directors hence new changes at the workplace. And that’s life. You can’t accept getting stack in one system of operation. Thinking about those days with the previous manager. The point is what is going on now.

Mistrust and Impatience

When you see changes in the company by the new manager, you distrust them wondering why they are making changes. Why meetings are now taking long, how they are talking, and handling things. Then you speculate of something wrong to happen soonest. But I believe if we are to move forward, we have to learn to trust each other. Besides knowing that we are all (workmates) in this together. No one is creating a scheme, whether your neighbor, manager, supervisor, or anyone making inquiries from you. You have to understand and cope up with change- could be that’s why there is a new manager.

Stop chasing money

When you chase money, you live a misery life. If you work to make a difference, the money will chase you. If you meet a client and you are not just about hitting the target but also making a difference in his life, retention will automatically come in. When it comes in, your salary is guaranteed and when you hit the targets, then bonuses will come. As for me, I take gratitude in seeing many people’s lives transformed. When you are transformed, automatically you will start-up companies, agencies, and businesses. But if I do not deliver and am just putting in 50 percent, then none of you will benefit and so to call me for more business hence I won’t survive in the market place. I have both noble and selfish interests regards my services; to see you get transformed and that when I deliver, I am guaranteed of future business.