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The most secure investment I believe you have to pay attention to right now, today with a guaranteed return on the investment is yourself.

That may sound counter-intuitive because many of us are used to the idea that when its an investment, it’s all about buying shares, land, invest in buildings. No argument about that. They are all useful investments. But I tell you something that there is one investment where you are guaranteed to have returned no matter what and that’s you.

When I say you, what do I really mean? I mean you investing in things like your skills, your attitudes, your abilities, the way you communicate, the way you sell, the way you read, the way you behave, the way you respond to situations. Once you equip yourself with such skills, getting certifications in areas of your expertise, returns stay with you for the rest of your life.

Anyhow the key thing is just purpose, to make sure that you spend more time reading books, watching videos, watching streams like these. Something I am learning to do on a daily basis. Sign up for an online program, because I was chatting with one of my private coaching clients and she was like “can I wait during the time and see what might happen?” And I said no, “waiting is not a strategy. Better I start with you now, I work with you such that by the time everyone is back on the road after the coronavirus circumstances we are suffering, you are way ahead of the ‘car.’

Because let me tell you something, during such times people are retreating. They are not advancing.

In life, there is no status quo. If you are not moving forward you are going backward. So that means if you are not adding value to yourself then you are going backward.

Improve and make yourself better

I was listening to one of my teachers who used to be a top-notch consultant with The Mackenzie many years ago. And he was saying look, “if you do not invest in yourself now by the time we get out of this, you are weaker and not stronger.”

So my friend you need to be aggressive towards yourself to make yourself better; mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, psychologically such that you are equipped with all the resources necessary. You know before the lockdown, people were rushing to buy foodstuffs and the like and I have been part of that crowd rushing to buy stuff to store.

You should also be rushing to make yourself a better person, a better individual, a better leader, a better communicator, a better writer, a better speaker, whatever that is. A better programmer, a better parent, a better spouse, a better student, whatever that is that you need to pay attention to.

Focus on being better, stronger, quicker, faster, more agile, more creative, more innovative, and there are some resources I recommend also.

There is a website called It has so many courses which you can check out for free and Online, you can go to free But even better find coach, a guy like me to help you with ideas in your area of expertise.

Talking about coaching, in case you need direct coaching from me. You can go to If you need support from a corporate perspective level, you can go to, where we can help to prepare your team to be better performers.

You can as well follow me up on social media pages; that is The same handle applies to twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn. Just type my name and you should be able to find that. But the other huge resource which I have available for you to make yourself a better person is if you go to

If you like this message, please share it with your friends, because one of my dreams is to reach out to as many people as possible. So please go right ahead and share this with your friends, with your colleagues. It might remind them on of something fundamental which they need to invest themselves in this particular moment.

Till then, just know that am always here for you, praying for you, and stay strong, stay healthy, keep dreaming, keep going hard, God bless.