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In this episode, we are going to talk about what could be holding you back from attaining exceptional excellence.
What could hold us back?
A couple of things that could hold us back are that sometimes they change, which prevents us from being more mental than physical.
Mental beliefs we are holding
We are holding that are holding us back because he’s stopped thing that holds us back is the failure to see the big picture. Some people it happens, whatever you’re doing you’ve been around for 12 months you see how count counts. Some people are lucky and it happens.
The Mentality of the Farmer
The farmer has to pay attention; how to be patient and what are the scenes then there are winds which will come to the clients that are doing with you, then you weed out. If you found a farmer saying telling them, please give me their food now, then I’ll give you the seeds.
I’ll give you a story. Sometime back I had already published four books. When you think you’ve delivered even more, that’s dangerous. And by any standards in the world for books is impressive. So one of them, they are standing proudly on my table waiting to buy.
Mistrust and Impatience
When there are changes. Things used to be deployed what kind of we used to come in at a given time. You have to be aware, to learn to trust each other.  You’re in this together to know that no one is creating a scheme, whether it’s your neighbor, partner, manager, supervisor or someone in claims, someone in claims questioning things.
Money you risk leaving a disappointing life
Assure you that if you work to make money, if you read the client, you’re not just there to see how you can get to the target. I want to see people transform. If I don’t deliver and I’m just putting in my 50%, then none of you will survive in the market.