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Some of my coaching clients have come to me talking about how they are tired of being told of negative names. That they are being discouraged by someone who should be encouraging instead.

Friends are fighting them verbally

Co-workers are saying nasty things about them

Loved ones are sending mental swords their way and it’s painful

And the truth of the matter is that it’s frustrating because I have gone through most of the above scenarios.

But here is the problem if you get stuck in the above scenarios…

You will be living someone else’s reality

Their world

And yet it’s not an ideal world.

The question you should be asking yourself is…

“Is this the story that I want to live? Is this the movie that I want to keep playing in my head? Is this the song I want to keep listening to?” And if the answer is no, then, it’s time to change all that by choosing something new.

A new positive story

A new positive mental movie

A new positive song

In the end, I usually tell my coaching clients that ultimately, what matters the most is not what people think about you and say about you but rather, it’s about what you think and say to yourself.

So, my friend, what will you be saying and thinking about yourself that will push you to another level?

Wellness regards


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