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Every one among us has at one point planned to achieve something in businesses or career. Meaning, everyone has an idea about setting goals. That being said, the biggest number of people make mistakes in this process. As an example; I have seen people fail to get the results they would like to achieve simply because the activities they pick do not match up with the goal setting results they want.

This leaves setting smart goals as the fastest way to emerge out with the results you look forward to having. Not only will you get the results, you will be motivated to set other targets in future having known you have what it takes to reach out for results. Having been a motivational speaker and life and career coach for over 15 years, I have discovered some of the biggest mistakes people make as they set their goals. These are revealed here below:

Too Many Goals

I strongly believe you are one of those great individuals whose mind gets bombarded with new ideas every few hours that pass by. This is not a weakness though. The problem comes in when you fail to properly think through them to pick out what ought to be taken on. Hence it is very critical to always give your ideas time and make research if you need to, before committing your time to them.

Unrealistic Goals

It’s great to be ambitious for it opens up for you a world of big dreams. But let’s take an example; is it realistic to set a goal of writing a book every month if you have never written any? Therefore while setting goals; you need not only to consider the final product or service, but the process it takes to achieve it.

The best way of doing this is by breaking down big goals into small and achievable ones. Also, always reward yourself along the way. Doing this saves you time you would have wasted on unworkable goals.

Poor Planning

“Successful people plan their work and work their plan” – Unknown. Planning could mean choosing your path or finding an existing path to follow. While making a plan, you need to start from where you are and go all the way to where you want to be. Planning makes you accountable and helps you measure you progress.

Dealing with these three challenges will help you make goal setting easier than ever before. I believe you want to explore more about setting smart goals. To access tips on how to do so, click the link below…

Goal Setting Dynamics… To Achieving Your Dreams