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Humans are social beings. We interact with one another for various purposes, from as simple as making friends with someone to as complicated as establishing business relationships. We commit ourselves to that relationship based on the time and emotions we invested. And as you go further, the fine line that separates our personal life and social life now starts to fade. People around you can now leverage that ‘emotion’ to affect your decision-making process. You now begin to think of “them” and not “you.”
When you take things personally, it takes a toll on your entire being—physical, emotional, psychological, and mental. What can you do to prevent the words of others from affecting you? Tune in to this episode as Ethan discusses how to not to make a big deal out of everything!
Don’t Take Things Personal
You should never take things personally. It will lead to bigger things for you if you adopt this mindset of never taking things personally.
The Costs of Taking Things Personally
If you take things personally, then you stay in pain. Sometimes the pain is unnecessary because you’re thinking about it, you’re processing it, you’re dwelling on it, you’re drowning, and that can be painful. If someone says something that you consider unacceptable and you choose to own it or take it personally, you all stay in that pain. And you should be in pleasure instead of pain.
The other danger in taking things personally is that it blows things out of proportion. Something might not be a big deal, yet you take it personally, and then you blow things out of proportion. That can be costly in the sense that you’re building a mountain out of them, And that can occupy your mental, emotional, and spiritual energies for no good reason.
Look Back
When you look back at some of the things in your life, you may realize that it wasn’t a big deal at all. It was a small deal, and you made a big deal out of it in ways that were not necessary. You owe it to yourself to remember that blowing things out of proportion is dangerous.
The Secrets to Stop taking things Personal
It’s Not About Them
If someone says or uses foul language and says nasty things about you, that doesn’t mean that you are nasty. It just means that they have a nasty mindset. People just reveal themselves, but they do not reveal you. Once you process that thought that it’s not about you but them, you will notice a couple of possibilities showing up for you. You will realize that what people say, do, or do not do gives you an insight into who they are. It helps you to uncover who they are on a personal, professional, spiritual level.
It’s just a Statement
The other key that you’ll find liberating and will help you not take things personally is remembering that it’s just an event or a statement. The statement shouldn’t throw you off balance or define how you’re going to feel about things. Knowing that it’s just a statement minimizes things to almost nothingness. You’re just reducing whatever the experience is to an event. And once you compress things, they become tiny, and they won’t have as much impact as before.
Statements Don’t Define who you Truly are
Just because someone says something or does something, that’s not a true definition of who you are. What is inside of you is incredible, and therefore, you have to stay in that state and level. Do not let someone’s statement hurt or overwhelm you. Do not let someone’s statement become a definition of who you are.
Once you know who you are, then it doesn’t matter what others say. It doesn’t matter how people define you. You go back to who you really are. Enjoy the magnificence inside you, and just use that as a backdrop to keep building who you are. And refer to yourself as magnificent, powerful, and amazing.
You could do much more
Never take things personally because it takes away your personal power. Know that you could do much more.