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Good morning, good afternoon, good evening depending on which part of the world you are reading this from. Its Ethan Musolini the merchant of success. I do motivational speaking, human resource training, life, career, and business coaching.

Today, I want us to talk about something that is dear to my heart, that is the concept of staying on your path.

I have been couching a day trader, one of the guys in forex trading, and I talk to him on a daily basis literally – of course which requires a substantial investment, to really manage his psychology- to make sure he is on the right mental or emotional state and also psychologically, how he thinks about things, how he thinks about the days, because we know that over 80% of anything substantial, whether its sports or speaking or in his case trading, 80% of the game or more is about the psychology – how you think.

He had had a bit of some rebound and I sensed he was getting into a sort of fear and worry, so I remember using the enology of trading. There is what they call a trend. A trend might be that the market is either going up or down on the long term frame when you look at things from the long term perspective

What matters is that there are people who do what they call swing trading, when you look at the long term flow of things. It can be hours, it can be days, it can be weeks or even months, that’s single trading. So you are looking at the long term and saying, “okay, based on this, the market price is going up or down,”- depending on what you choose

So what happens, when you are doing a long term trade, a long term prediction. It does not keep on a steady trajectory of up or down. There will be some spikes but over time, if you made the correct decision, then you will end up in profit. So long as you know, you predicted the trend correctly, then, in the end, you will make a profit.

Therefore I was sharing with my client, saying, look, what matters is, just like a trend, he has figured things out. So when he is on the right track or the right trend, then he is relaxed, even when there is a spike, he says ‘I know, I know there is a bit of a spike,’ meaning something is going against him in a short run but in the long whole, he is going to make it.

So he usually told me, now I am relaxed, I know am in channel meaning am the right track, I will get there and I will make a profit. And when he tells me that, over 90% of the time he is right.

So I was telling him in the last couple of days, two days, look at them as a few spikes. What matters is that are you on the right path? Are you on the right trend? Are you on the right channel and so long as that’s what it is, then there is no need to worry. You relax and then you tell yourself I will be back in channel, I will be back in trend, I will finally get there.

How does this relate to you?

The way this relates to you is this, that even you yourself you could have had a few bounds here and there. But for me, the key question is not about you hitting a couple of bounds, or hitting a couple of challenges, a couple of setbacks. For me, the question is, are you on the right path? Because if you are on the right path, then I can guarantee you if you stay relaxed and you are looking for opportunities and you stay focused, then you will get there.

My encouragement to you is, your question should be on whether you are on the right path, not whether you have had a couple of setbacks because if you are on the right path, keep going and if you are on the wrong path get off. Change direction, change the move.

How do you know you are on the right path?

Is it in line with your purpose, your talents, and gifts? Does it give you joy? Is it making a difference in the world, whatever it is that you are doing? Does it expand you and make you grow? Because those are some of the characteristics and fix the opposite things like; hate, self-punishment, you are taking away from the world rather than adding value to the world. Those are things that you need to stay away from because that’s not your path I can guarantee you.

So the right path has to be fulfilling, it has to be making a difference, it has to be also making a difference in your own life in a way that it has to at least make you grow whether mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially and ideally, all those things come into play.

I hope this serves you and if you like this video, share it, especially the sharing portion I always appreciate that.

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