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How do you develop as a person and a professional? Every single one of us experiences a different type of environment, and we all have a different career paths to take. But how can you ensure that you are developing into the person that you want to be? In today’s episode of the Success Daily Show, we are going to talk about the Secret Keys to Personal and Professional Improvement. Ethan shares advice and insights on personal development and how to become the best version of yourself. Stay Tuned!
What does it mean to develop as a Person?
It’s not enough to develop yourself. It’s also critical that you evolve. You have to evolve to another level because it’s the world of evolution that you either evolve or disappear.
When talking about “devolve” or “evolve,” it means that in each passing moment, we are figuring out ways and means to go to another or higher level
The first key to growing as a person or in your professional life is you have to evolve. You have to go to another high level.
What do you need to do to go to a Higher Level?
For Ethan, his next level is to appear as often as possible because part of his calling is to inspire and encourage people to evolve to be the best version of themselves. He says that he needs to keep working on himself to evolve, to become better, and share what is working in his life share with people.
What is Expansion?
Evolution is like going vertical while Expansion is going horizontal. The outer level of Expansion is about learning other skills. For example, in the sales and marketing space, you could learn how to manage projects or run events. Of course, you can’t be you can’t learn everything but find those other skill sets that would add value to you.
The inner level of Expansion is what you consume. It’s what you are listening to, watching, or reading. You need to consume information that expands your mind.
Know your Worth and See Yourself Better
Start figuring out what you need to do to expand who you are. And stop seeing yourself beyond, over, and above your job. Most people limit their identity to what they do and amuse propose to you that you’re much more than that.
Part of evolving and expanding is for you to start seeing yourself as a better version of yourself. That means you should start seeing yourself differently.
Working in the World Differently
Look at your job as just a title or just one of your roles in the world. You can always add a new role to your responsibilities. Then see yourself with unlimited potential and possibility. This enables you to exit to a higher level.
The Importance of Language and how it can affect your Personal Development
Another key in evolution and Expansion is language. What is the language that you use? That language can either be physical or verbal. Remember that the language the words you use can trigger a chemical reaction in your system. And therefore, you need to start using a different language that uplifts and expands you and the people around you.
One of the biggest ways you can use language is to think at two levels is to use big words that are uplifting and expansive.
Start Asking Creative Questions
Think about the words that you use. There are people who use negative language, and such language will only bring them down. It also brings the people around them down. And it starts with the questions that you ask the questions you ask yourself, the questions you ask other people are going to influence your inner world and outer world.
Consider moving away from distracting or destructive language. Instead of saying, “What’s wrong with me?” Ask, “What are the possibilities here?” Stick to the language that lets you create solutions. When you ask yourself such questions, then the brain will go on a search for solutions.
Every question you ask can either push you forward or backward. Figure out what the questions that you are asking are? What are you saying? And why are you saying that? You need to always think and reflect from that level of possibility and creativity.

Career Development
The key to growing as a professional is to make yourself valuable. It means that you are valuable to the people around you. Whether in the workplace or in your life, they see you as a valuable person.
What does it mean to become a valuable person?
To become a more valuable person, you must develop more skills. Then you deploy those skills and use them. If you don’t deploy the skills that you have learned, then there won’t be a proper balance. Life is a platform for balance. That means you have to take in but also give out. You have to receive and also give. So you need to go to the reception to receive skillsets and abilities from investing in yourself.
You need to become a more valuable person. That means you need to work on your attitude and skill set. Figure out what are some of those things that you’re able to do. People will then be looking up to you, and they want to be with you. Develop skill sets and improve your abilities, your way of being. And then go out there in the world.
Becoming a person of value means becoming valuable fast, increasing your skill sets, and boosting your mindset.
Become the Solutions Provider
If you want to go to another level in your career or wherever you are, you need to separate yourself from the crowd. And one of the most powerful ways you can separate yourself from the crowd is to actually go forth. Join another caliber of people or professionals and consume what they do. These people are the ones that focus on proposing solutions.
You have to always think about providing a solution. When you propose that solution, you’re going into the category of solutions, not the category of problems. You’re either part of the problem or part of the solution. So always go on this side of solutions because when you do, then you stand out from the crowd, you look more valuable and more powerful.
Always look at yourself and know that you are the solution. Great people look at themselves, knowing that they are responsible for the lives and the circumstances they have created. So always think that you’re in control of your life. Look at yourself as the solution to the issues you have in your life.

Taking Responsibility
When you blame, you give away your power. If you blame or give an excuse, then you are giving away your power to who you’re blaming or what you’re blaming. When you own your mistake and take responsibility, you reclaim your power. Rather than pointing fingers at others, point the finger at you and look at the person in the mirror.
When you take full responsibility, things change. When you change, the world and the people around you change. When you take responsibility, God will give you all the possible and potential ways and means to make things happen. And then you become a channel of creativity and possibility. So start owning what you’re creating in your life, career, business, or whatever it is. You’ll be amazed at how much acceleration you will have.
Own your Identity
Assume that you want to become physically fit and healthy. But you’ve been struggling to work out over and over again. Unless you see yourself as a fit or as a disciplined person who exercises as an athlete, then it’s going to be a struggle. In terms of identity, you need to see yourself as an athlete. You need to see yourself as someone who loves fitness work.
Stop Seeing yourself as the victim
Once in a while, we find ourselves in challenging environments. And in managing that kind of environment, remember that how you see yourself in that environment is going to affect how you interact with your team. One of the things that you have to be careful about is to keep seeing yourself as a victim because the moment you see yourself as a victim of your environment, then you will feel powerless.
See yourself as still in charge of your life and not the victim because once you see yourself as a victim, you become powerless.
Always Propose Solutions
Stay away from complaining or fighting parties whenever you are in a work environment. Hold the higher ground and propose solutions. Show how the organization would benefit from your solution because when you do that, then at least you’re proposing a solution.

Keep Yourself Positive
Consume positive content and work as if everything is okay amidst all the chaos. If you are an employee, do your job. When management messes, that doesn’t mean that you are not going to do your part. The organization will still reward you if you keep going.
Pray for your Leaders
Pray that God gives your leaders divine wisdom. If people knew better, they would do better. So your managers or your leaders are doing their best, but that doesn’t mean you are approving what they are doing. But what else can you do if that is everything they know? They may not have had opportunities to expose themselves to your type of environment. Just forgive them and pray that God gives them the divine wisdom to lead and manage you in a better way.
Stand up for yourself
If you are ever shouted at by a manager or a leader, learn to stand up for yourself. If someone is constantly shouting at you or doing things that do not add up and you feel that they are not appropriate, it’s okay to stand up for yourself in a calm, firm, and respectful manner. And remember to hold the higher ground because even though someone is shouting at you, that does not mean that you also shout.

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