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In this episode, we are going to talk about Principles to attaining excellence this new year. We will discuss tips and advice about improving our organization using the five principles to get you to greater excellence.
Ownership principle
The ownership principle if you work as if you owned the organization, your performance will go to another level because the fact is that anyone’s mistake can bring this organization down.
How you make this happen?
What is the company’s growth forecast? When the company grows, you also do what you grow. Also, work with some positive, selfish interests. Have a reason why you are working.
Are You Well Rounded?
As you grow in skills, you will resolve that it is better to be prepared for an opponent an opportunity or not have one than an opportunity to come and it finds you unprepared.
Validating to yourself and to the organization
You add value to yourself and the organization there is to take care of. But learn how many of us a book read every day. If not every day every month, you finish a book about a novel to improve your skills.
Harvesting Principle
You get management backing by producing results. The other principle is the principle of enabling relationships. And if you need to be a data analyst, please network because the system will freeze one time and you don’t know who to talk to. Your net worth is equivalent to your network.
Principle of fairness
People should think that life is fair. People should look, even if you could be saying certain things working out what is there and they also have God’s delays are not his denial. Just because the opportunity is delayed does not mean it has been denied.
Focus on Change
One thing you can change is your attitude. You can choose to interpret say maybe you had a bad day. Don’t take it because no one knows about.