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Why do you keep on fighting daily? If you’re a parent, you fight for your family. If you’re a worker, you fight for a better future. No matter who you are, you fight for a purpose. People might doubt your success, and obstacles hinder you from reaching the pinnacle of success, but the fire within your heart still burns brightly. You experience hardships, thrive in the jungle of competition, and adapt to every change in society. Some will attempt to damp the fire within your heart, but so long as you keep your goals straight and passionate enough to achieve them, no one can stop you. Do you have what it takes to keep the fire burning? Join us as we learn how we can keep our motivation fired up to pursue our goals.
What is Fire in your Heart?
Fire in your heart means the passion you have for something or someone. They are those things that you feel like you can’t wait to hold on to, experience, see, hear, or know. That’s crucial because that fire will carry you forward, lift you up, and keep you going.
The Zeal in your Heart
The fire in your heart is also the zeal that you have to achieve your targets. It’s that desire you have to say that “no matter what, this has to happen.” When you have that zeal to achieve your targets, that automatically becomes your fire and motivation. You have the zeal to achieve certain targets and goals.

Why is having a fire in your heart Important?
You have something to look forward to
When you have something to look forward to, you will be happy. And so that fire automatically puts you in that frame of looking for something, which automatically turns into happiness. It keeps you super excited and glowing.
You become more Vibrant
When you have fire in your heart, you are more vibrant and passionate. When you have that fire, it lights you up, and your eyes are filled with life. That passion that vibrates through you is very crucial. It elongates your life when you’re passionate and vibrant. Life is more exciting when you’re vibrant and passionate.
It keeps you going
The fire in your heart keeps you going because there are those moments when other things might want to knock you off or might be discouraging. But having that fire in your heart, you will be determined to keep going.

How can you keep your motivation fired up?
Keep Images of your Passion
Starting a bonfire is the same thing as the fire in your heart. One way to keep your motivation fired up is to keep images of your passions. So this could be a mental or physical image. Keep those things that excite you, and you love. These images will influence your subconscious mind, and they will keep you ticking. They will keep you very happy, and you will come closer to those images.
Watch Movies or Listen to Music filled with passion
Watch movies and listen to the music filled with passion. Watch the movies that keep you on the edge of your seat and make you excited and alive. Look for movies that light you up.
Music that excites someone may not be what excites you. So look for what excites you or lifts you up and listen to it. When you listen to music, it will turn on your nerves to be filled with life. So because you need that fuel well in your system to be happy about something, you will transmit the same excitement and passion into your work.
Write about your Passions
Write and journal about your passions, like the things that excite you or the things that you look forward to.
When you do all these things, they make you feel alive because not only are you writing about them, but you are vocalizing them. You’re listening to yourself, you’re reflecting, and they’re going deep into your heart that automatically lifts your heart up. It makes you feel so good and so powerful that it is etched in your heart, soul, and spirit when you write things. Do something every day about that, and then you will be incredibly happy at the results that you get down the road.
Keep talking about what you are involved in and where you’re headed
Not only do you visualize, write, and listen, but you should be talking about what you are aiming for. Because when you’re talking about it, it evokes the images and feelings, and those become the building blocks that will keep your fire burning.