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What is the hardest part of moving on? Acceptance. You can’t move on because you haven’t accepted that you suffered or experienced the most difficult challenge in life. That devastation can leave you vulnerable and afraid of taking the next step in life. Decisions are now reconsidered due to past experiences. You start to hesitate, and ultimately, cannot decide in the end. This is what life is all about; happiness and sadness always exist.
It’s okay to cry and bawl your eyes out until the tears are gone. People might mock you for being a crybaby, but that’s a human response to pain and suffering. You are crying because you are an emotional being. And until you heal your heart from pain, things will slowly get back on track and face life like you used to do.
Moving Forward
Many dives in tears and remain trapped, unable to progress. If you do not move forward, you will drown in your tears; drowning will not propel you forward.
This concept that crying is a sign of weakness or that crying is harmful is not valid. There is an abundance of scientific evidence that crying assists you in transitioning into a condition that allows for healing. When you let those tears flow, a great deal of emotional catharsis, or whatever the term is, is released.
When you witness tears of joy, it is ideally about someone who has endured all the anguish and challenges and has now achieved this outstanding achievement. In a way, it’s a transition from pain to healing, as most of the negative emotions imprinted as bitter memories are subsequently released in a basket of tears.
When you cry, you are genuinely healing. That is, when you do not cry or when you keep back the tears, you are repressing a great deal of sorrow, heartache, and emotional poison. And if you have a moment in which you are moved or inspired by Christ, let it pass.
The Crucial Process
How can a person blot out their tears? To begin, keep in mind that whatever you’re going through is not the end of the world; instead, it’s the start of something new.
What we refer to as “the end” is always the start of something new and different. Additionally, you must remind yourself of that concept. The beauty is that once you realize it is not the end of the world, it provides hope, and where there is hope, everything is possible. Always keep in mind that wherever there is life, there is hope.
Another method to dry your tears is to tell yourself: Why cry if there is nothing you can do about it? Allow the tears to flow if you can do something about it. And once you’re finished, dry them.
The Startup Process
There are a few things you can do to get started. The first rule is to keep your attention on the following stages. It is critical because history or what has occurred has occurred. That is all. That is unchangeable. So now you’re asking yourself, “All right, what’s next?” What comes next? Alternatively, what am I to do now? That is the mindset you must adopt.
If you lose your job, your instinct is to sob uncontrollably, but then you realize you’ve lost your job, and with that stated, it is what it is. Spending an entire month in tears is not going to help. A couple of hours or days sobbing fairy, that’s great, that’s perfectly acceptable if it means simply releasing that strain or whatever it is. Then stand and say, “All right, now that I’m here, what do I do?” Do I begin by phoning them, emailing them, sending your curriculum vitae to them, knocking on doors, and updating your social media profiles? It will provide you with the impetus to make the next move and discover what is possible. When you concentrate on the next stages, you can break out from the sobbing mindset.
The second critical factor is mentality. And the mindset is to believe and think that your best days are still to come. Additionally, there is a widespread restricting belief that your best days are behind you. However, this does not indicate that your life is over in terms of life as a whole. That is the way you should think, rather than becoming stuck and believing that everything is always gone or ended. You only need to keep in mind that you are never a finished product. Therefore, regardless of your objective, you must think that your finest days are ahead.
Lean forward to solid shoulders. Locate those folks you know; if you’re in a pickle that has to be mended or you’re facing a struggle, they’re going to provide you with some excellent ideas. That might be a mentor, your wife, your husband, your boyfriend, your friend, or your spiritual leader; speak with them and learn to get along with them. These are the individuals who will not dispute with you but will instead counsel you on how to proceed. Individuals who are psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually stable, who can sort through challenges and advise you on the best course of action