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Imagine going for a job interview or to pitch your proposal where you are competing with dozens other competent people. Do you think the fact that you have the minimum requirements will make you standout of the rest? Think about it! If it was so, then every shortlisted individual would have automatically qualified by virtue of meeting the minimum requirements.

To put this into perspective, let me share with you a personal scenario. I once went for a haircut in a salon that shaves normally just like any another barbershop of the same standards in town. The bill was more less the same as what others charge. But there is something that caused me to marvel. The barber on top of cutting my hair, went ahead to massage my shoulders. To me, that meant ‘going an extra mile’. Guess what; out of good will, I paid him more than his asking price.

Similarly, to become the most valuable employee, you have to go an extra mile. You have to act beyond ordinary. And here are traits that make you stand out of the rest;


A great attitude keeps you motivated to work regardless of the pressure at the workplace. That’s why research found out that top business executives rank this trait as the most critical in every worker or potential employee. Developing a great attitude increases your chances of being promoted to higher level positions where pressure is prone to occur. As you well know, this comes with more benefits like increased pay, to mention but a few.

If you haven’t developed a positive attitude, or you need to improve your attitude, it’s highly recommended to keep focused on the big picture especially in hard times.


The ability to embrace change makes you stand out as a high performer. This is because individuals who are flexible are more responsive to change. And with today’s fast track technology and innovations, change is inevitable. To become flexible, you need to keep open-minded and also be willing to work and grow.


This is not just the ability to create solutions or answers to problems at hand, but also the ability to combine personal skills and knowledge. Nowadays the ability to work with diverse teams is the most looked out for trait in individuals. The beauty with combined effort and ideas is that synergy is created. This is more important because combined effort of a team is far much greater than the sum of all team members’ efforts combined. To find out how you can easily work with others, see Team Building For Success

Getting to know these traits is so paramount. It gives you the idea of what you need to develop or work on to be get up to the mark in your work life.  To find out secrets on how to develop these are more traits; click here to… Become The Most Valuable Employee